The Importance of Selecting the Right Courier for Your B2B or B2C Business

Whether you own a small B2B or B2C business, in the current market conditions delivery is often stated as one of the most important aspects of the customer experience (CX).

The rise in free, next-day and same-day delivery options has made delivery an important influencer in buying decisions, and if your company doesn’t match up then it’s likely you are losing out on would-be loyal customers to your competitors.

But, how exactly can your business ensure it is providing a world-class delivery service? The first and most important step is choosing the correct courier service for your specific needs.

Why is it important to find the right courier?

The delivery of a product is the last impression of your business that you leave with your customers. That means it’s essential you do it right if you want to provide superior customer experience, because a bad experience might mean they never order anything from you again.

Thankfully, the number of courier services has grown significantly in recent years. Your company now has a huge pool of companies to choose from, giving you access to competitive rates and improved services.

How can your business choose the right courier?

When choosing a courier, most businesses think the only thing they should be looking for is cost. However, just because something is the most affordable doesn’t mean it will provide the most efficient and superior experience on behalf of your company.

Obviously it’s still important that your business finds an affordable courier, but it’s also crucial that you get the most value for money. Here are a few other factors you should look out for when engaging with a courier service.

Different delivery options: Customers want options. Some may be happy to wait 7-14 days for a delivery, but others will want to receive their parcel the very next working day. Look for a courier which can meet this need with a variety of different delivery options, and make sure that their fast delivery options aren’t too expensive or you might have to pass this additional cost on to your customers.

Reliability: The performance of your courier will have a direct relationship with how your customers see your brand. If deliveries arrive late or damaged, it will be your brand that’s viewed negatively not the courier. Choose a courier that operates as an extension of your business.

Tracking: Many couriers now offer tracking options and there are various levels of parcel tracking. Make sure the one being offered to you is appropriate for the goods that you are shipping.

Customer service: Deliveries are an important aspect of your business, and the courier you decide to use should be able to look after you and deal with any issues you (or your customer) has in a seamless and efficient manner. Make sure that they’ll answer the phone when you need them so you can do what you do best – focus on your business.

How can technology help me make this decision?

Traditional shipping processes were time-consuming and laborious – thankfully, technology has changed the game.

New innovations, such as Freightcom’s courier shipping solution, will help enhance your company’s fulfilment operations by automating the entire process and helping you choose the courier that works best for the unique needs of your organization.

The use of Freightcom’s integrated courier portal will give your company access to:

– Instant competitive online shipping quotes.
– Real-time tracking.
– Import/export of addresses.
– Custom shipping reports.
– Print your own shipping label.
– Schedule pickups.
– Full system integration capabilities.
– Email notification when packages are delivered.

This automated process will benefit your brand with increased savings, more choice of courier companies, fewer invoices and significant time and cost savings when it comes to your shipping – whether it’s across Canada, North America or worldwide.

Want to learn more about how the Freightcom courier service can automate your entire shipping process, giving you more time to focus on the core competencies of your business? Get in touch with us today, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Ready to Go Global? Money Saving Tips for Shipping Overseas

Overseas Shipping with Freightcom

If you are an owner of a business that has experienced rapid success in the domestic market, you probably have your sights set on international growth. And why not? Expanding your market is a way to scale sales revenue.

While on paper that may sound fairly straightforward, international shipping can easily become an expensive and time-wasting process. In fact, not fully understanding the international shipping process going in, could eat away at tight margins.

Being aware means you can prepare.

By following some simple best practices, doing some initial research and partnering with a shipping solution expert (such as Freightcom), your domestic business will be able to reach a global audience and grow profits.

To get you started on your international journey, here are four tips that will help you save money when shipping overseas:

1 – What taxation and custom rules apply?

Shipping overseas isn’t as easy as sticking a label on a package and watching it arrive on your customer’s doorstep. Sending your products across borders means you need to do your research on what taxation and custom rules apply.

If you don’t meet these regulations, it’s possible that your shipment could be rejected and returned to you – not only upsetting your customer but also racking up a significant amount of wasted time and money for your business.

By doing some simple research into your destination and the taxation and custom rules that apply, your organization can easily avoid any costly mistakes.

2 – Speed doesn’t always win the race

No matter how fast your customers want to receive your product, prioritizing speed of delivery over cost doesn’t always make sense for your business. In fact, this may be the one case where putting your customer first may be detrimental to your company.

Small business owners should take the time to find an option that balances both speed and cost in a way that both the customer and your business wins.

3 – Minimize your packaging

Space is the most valuable commodity for a transportation company. By ensuring your business packages its deliveries properly and efficiently, you will reduce the amount of space and weight the shipment occupies on an airplane, truck, or an ocean freight container.

By taking up less space, you will receive the best possible shipping price for your goods. Want to learn how to reduce your packaging but at the same time prevent damage? Read our recent blog, Help Prevent Shipping Damage With These Tips for Ecommerce Shippers, for some best practices.

Remember, protective and efficient packaging will help your company save time and money on shipping and returns.

4 – Stay up to date with overseas shipping costs

Due to the fluctuating nature of airfare and marine shipping costs, the price of shipping overseas is always changing. Staying updated with current shipping prices and shopping around for the best rates will ensure your business makes the most informed decision – helping you to continue to grow profits.

This is also an important step when setting your quarterly or annual shipping budget. By creating a budget that covers any reasonable shopping cost increases and potential issues, you’ll ensure that you’re not eating into your profits later in the year.

How can Freightcom help?

If your domestic business is expanding and you’re looking for a little help with those international shipments – look no further than Freightcom. Through the development of an innovative and unique software solution, including real-time comparative shipping rates, Freightcom has successfully automated the time-consuming shipping process.

By simplifying the shipping process for shipper and carrier, as well as transforming the traditional manual processes of calling a carrier, obtaining a rate, booking a shipment, packaging the product etc., Freightcom can help your business save time, money and focus on what matters most – serving your customers.

Ready to find out more about how our unique software solution is transforming the shipping process for SME businesses across Canada and the US? Contact our team of experts today, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Warning Signs That you are Wasting Time and Money With Your Ecommerce Shipping Process

Operating a successful ecommerce online business is difficult. The saturated nature of today’s market means you need to stand out from your competitors. It is no longer enough to have superior products. Your online business needs to stand out through its customer experience and unique customer service offering.

Not only that, but the success of your ecommerce business also relies on efficient processes – and shipping plays a huge role. From customer orders to order processing and how they are shipped out, you need the right processes in place to build a loyal customer base and maximize your profits.

Unfortunately, for many ecommerce companies, shipping is an inefficient process that many owners and managers struggle with. Worried that may be you? Freightcom has created a list of five warning signs that may show your ecommerce shipping process is wasting your business time and money:

1 – You’re manually managing all your shipping information

If you are manually managing all of your company’s shipping information, including customer data and shipping rates, not only are you wasting time on what could be an automated process but you are more than likely also making mistakes along the way.

By using an innovative shipping software solution that integrates with your ecommerce marketplace (such as Shopify) you’ll be able to automate the entire process. A few clicks of a button will ensure your shipment is ready, customer information is accurate and your customer gets their order on time.

2 – Customers are frequently receiving late or damaged packages

If customers are frequently complaining about receiving late or damaged packages then it is time for the business to take action. These complaints will result in a significant amount of wasted time and a huge sum of wasted money, as well as the loss of loyal customers.

There are a couple of ways you can avoid this problem. It could be that your in-house order processing needs to be streamlined or it could be that you’re working with the wrong shipping partner for your unique needs.

3 – You only use one shipping carrier

It’s more than likely that your ecommerce company ships products that are different dimensions and weights. If this is the case, it’s important that you use multiple shipping carriers to suit the individual needs of your individual products.

Each shipping company has their own strengths and weaknesses – just because a carrier does one thing well doesn’t mean they will have the best rates for your whole range of product dimensions.

If this sounds remotely familiar for your business then your brand should be considering additional shipping carriers in your fulfillment process.

4 – You spend too much time filling orders

As a small to medium-sized enterprise, your focus as a business owner should be managing the core competencies that make your company successful. Do you find that you are spending most of your time filling orders? Then it’s time to rethink your shipping strategy.

By using and integrating a shopping software solution you’ll be able to automate your ecommerce shipping processes. This will save you time to focus on what really matters – helping your business to grow and drive profits.

How can Freightcom help?

Are some of these warning signs familiar to your business? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Freightcom is an industry-leading, fully-automated shipping platform that will completely revolutionize your company’s existing shipping processes – from calling a carrier, obtaining comparative rates and booking a shipment.

Ready to learn more about how our innovative technology can transform your Canadian or US business? Contact us today for more information.