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4 Ways to Drive Brand Loyalty Through a Great Delivery Experience
The evolution of technology, as well as the growth in consumer-facing brands such as Amazon and Apple, has resulted in customers across all industries (whether B2B or B2C) now expecting an on-demand, seamless and superior customer experience (CX). Any friction in the customer journey can significantly affect how a buyer
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Package Shipping
Help Prevent Shipping Damage With These Tips For eCommerce Shippers
Are you the owner or logistics manager of an ecommerce business? If so, you’ll know just how important shipping is to the success of your business. Whether you’re shipping products around the world, or shipping them across Canada or the US, one of the biggest concerns you should have is
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5 Courier Shipping Tips For Small Business Startups
Are you a new small business owner with an ecommerce website, taking advantage of the growing trend for online retail? Congratulations! Owning a business is exciting and can be highly profitable. While you focus on building your online brand, with packaging, website content, and customer interactions, don’t forget a vital
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6 Tips and Tricks On How to Get the Best from Your Courier Service
Couriers can be expensive, especially if you are sending something overseas or if you have a large/heavy package. Sending merchandise and other documents regularly can add up to considerable costs for your business. At FreightCom we believe in giving our customers value for their money. So, here is a handy
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Global logistics services & supply chain management
The Perfect Combination for Shipping
The logistics industry is going through a time of rapid and exceptional transformation. The future of logistics is paved by innovation and technology. When fully leveraged in the marketplace it empowers companies to compete and thrive in today’s new world of business, opening endless new possibilities.
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2017 Year- End Holiday Schedule!
How to tackle the holiday season like a pro?  Simple! Plan, prepare and most importantly... know your deadlines!  
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Home delivery
Introducing FC Home Delivery!
From your store, to beyond your customer's door – say hello to the FC Home Delivery!
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Delivery truck
Need a Lift?
To liftgate or not to liftgate, that is the question. You’ve seen the option but may or may not have chosen it.
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Take The Fear Out Of Shipping Pallets!
Don’t let the fear of freight shipping rates drive you away from expanding your business. Many small/ medium size business owners often dream of taking their business to newer heights, but getting it there is always the issue…an expensive one as well!
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LTL freight shipping
LTL Shipping- Driving Companies Benefits!
Well, LTL refers to Less-Than-Trucking Shipping, which essentially consists of a pallet and it combines shipments from multiple customers so you don’t need an entire truck. 
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Online LTL freight shipping
Top Qualities of a Great Courier Company (Part 2)
Let’s take a look at some of the additional services excellent courier companies should offer to complement their current services and where Freightcom plays a major role in the courier industry.
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Courier services
Top Qualities of a Great Courier Company (Part 1)
When selecting a courier based service, it is very important to know that companies vary on things like trustworthiness, pricing, values and customer service.
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LTL freight shipping services
How to avoid common freight shipping mistakes?
For many organizations, shipping is a daily operation and sometimes one that is very detail orientated. When shipping frequently, whether it’s a pallet or package, the small details that you need to successfully execute this operation can add up over time.
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Online LTL freight shipping
Starting Your Own eCommerce Business?
Freightcom is happy to announce that we will be introducing fully customized eCommerce plug-in, Shopify! Before we get into detail about the merge, let's take a look at the basics on how to create your own eCommerce business!
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Shipping on Shopify!
Dreaming of this moment since you were a kid? Well, with the blessing of technology, you can finally do it! I…. am an ecommerce business owner? (insert BIG smile here) Yes… YOU are an ecommerce business owner! (insert BIG pat on the back here) We did it!
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Online shopping
Key E-Commerce Trends You Need To Look Out For!
Shipping is growing. It’s getting smarter, faster and more responsive to the demands of the market.
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Chef with FC
Hey Shopify Store Owners!
We have the secret formula to solve all of your shipping problems. Curious? Well, we have 1 word for you- Freightcom (mic-drop).
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Courier, LTL, e-commerce
Freightcom- Shipping Simplified
By switching to Freightcom, Bill saved his company both time and money! Check out how Freightcom can help your business grow and simplify the shipping process instantly!
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How to save on your next shipment?
The other day I went out to eat with one of my friends. We were in the mood for… actually we didn’t know what we were in the mood for, so we figured why not just go for a walk and pick a random restaurant.
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How To Overcome Common LTL Shipping Challenges!
Shipping any type of products and/or goods is the lifeblood of our economy. Being able to get your company’s product where it needs to be is the only way to put it in the hands of the consumers that use it, and as such, shipping will be an integral part
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LTL shipping & courier services
Why Choose Freightcom?
There are a multitude of benefits companies gain by outsourcing their shipping needs to a value-added reseller. By utilizing a reseller, this provides businesses with a reliable logistics advantage, and maximizes profitability through combined knowledge and resources.
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LTL freight shipping & courier services
How To Avoid Extra Charges When Shipping Freight!
As a business owner, shipping can be a very vital step in your business cycle. Having to make sure your products are shipped from the warehouse to the company and then the end user is the main goal.
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LTL freight shipping & courier services
Calling All Business Owners!
HEY! Do you need to ship some small packages to your customers? Need to return a skid/ pallet shipment to your suppliers? Just occasionally mailing out some documents?
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