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You have already negotiated great rates based on your high volume of shipments but you still have multiple carriers and couriers to manage. FreightCom can load your negotiated rates into our robust system to allow you to comparison shop with ease, within your chosen carrier pool. This simplifies the duties for your procurement department and gives you access to our KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting and analytical, bird’s-eye view of your supply chain, streamlining the carrier selection process and related functions like quoting, booking, tracking, PODs and billing.

That’s right! Automate the shipping process and save time with our easy to use platform. Managing your carrier selection and discovering the best rates available are a snap with FreightCom.

Freightcom shipping technology
Online freight shipping

The heart of FreightCom

Our custom built, proprietary technology was developed to bring ease and considerable savings right to your fingertips. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, the FreightCom system is there with you allowing you to receive quotes, book orders, track your shipments and more all in a few simple clicks. Not only was it built to be compatible with any device and provide a user-friendly experience, it was created with security in mind. We have the technology, procedures and protocols in place to ensure all information from carrier to customer is completely secure.

Technological benefits to the FreightCom system:

  • Constant monitoring and testing of all networks to ensure systems are up to date and secure
  • Utilization of FreightCom’s complete capabilities from Macs, PCs, tablets and phone
  • Assurance that displayed transit times and shipping rates are always accurate
  • Real-time notifications regarding the status of your shipments and account
  • Full suite of robust features allowing you to manage all transactions, billing and reporting
  • Dedicated FC Care representative to help you take full advantage of our FreightCom system

Ready to sign up? In less than 5 minutes you can setup your free account and start saving! Still have questions? Send us a message or request a demo of the FreightCom system!

Online freight shipping
Online freight shipping

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